Depression, Anxiety and Anger

Anxiety and Stress is a heightened reaction in the body to change or perceived change.  It can be very uncomfortable and make it feel as though one needs to protect themselves from the unfamiliar, and from even our closest support.  I will ask you to experience just being in a moment, tuning in to the your feeling and noticing what is and isn’t real.  A person can stay in calm and restful states despite external events that one would not choose and cannot control.  Each time we notice that we feel what we think, we begin to unravel habits of thinking that make us less comfortable in our own skin.

Depression can feel like a heavy curtain around us.  It can keep us from the life we want, make it seem impossible to feel real joy or excitement, and prevent us from feeling really understood.  Depression is a result of innocent thinking that weighs a person down.   Our thinking is always changing and not always accurate.  Just noticing this lightens us.  With any crack in our thinking our natural connection to life, to love, and to simple pleasures can return.

Anger  Have you been told that you need to get help with your anger?  Do you find yourself feeling angry longer than you wish or find yourself having a difficult time letting things go even though you want to?  Anger is a natural reaction to feeling threatened.  Sometimes there is no real threat but we have a habit of anger that we have learned and practice without even knowing it.  When we notice what is going on inside us, we can choose how to act.  In waiting out anger without feeding it, anger will lessen and pass without harming the relationships or things we hold important.