Linda C. Scherer, LICSW
New Day Counseling, PLLC

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Individual and Couples Session fees: $75/hour, sliding fee 

Vital Worklife and Morneau Shepell EAP provider

Certified by the Center for Mind Body Medicine 

Brainspotting, Phase I and II trained

Yoga Calm Certified

IMHU Spiritual Emergence Coach

Family:  Often we get the most stuck in our thinking and our habitual behavior with the people closest to us.  Sometimes families continue habits they wish they could leave in the past.  My approach to family therapy is to teach family members how to interrupt stuck patterns, maximize positive interactions, and engage each other from a healhty state of mind.  Learning how to reconnect to our health as an individual gives us the key to truly listen to those closest to us, and this listening heals.  It also helps us discern what we need to express aloud and what we can let go of.  Overall these skills bring us home in our family again. 

Couples:  I teach practical relationship skills that encourage persons to return to and maximize the positive feeling between them.  When we learn to discern the difference between our own healthy and unhealthy states of mind, we can eliminate useless arguments that drain a couple's energy and good will. Couples learn to pause when stuck and choose useful times and places to talk about conflicts.  We all like to be heard.  Truly listening, even for a few moments, helps couples return to the loving feeling of connection that brought them together in the first place.

Grief: The one certainty that we have in life, is that we will experience loss.  Often the feeling of loss is more painful, takes longer to get through, or has struggles in it which we did not expect.  Because loss is an essential part of life we can be assured that we are each equipped to get through this experience.  Trusting that our feelings are okay and that they will change and pass in time can help us through.  Having a place to share our experience and explore the waves of our grief can also help.


 I remind people that wellbeing is their essence and when we look to it, it will be our guide.