Linda C. Scherer, LICSW
New Day Counseling, PLLC

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Center for Mind/Body Medicine Group to start October 2017

Now taking registrations 

 Individual and Couples Session fees: $50-$75/hour   

Midwest EAP provider

Certified by the Center for Mind Body Medicine 

Yoga Calm Certified

IMHU Spiritual Emergence Coach

Therapy Approach

I help clients notice thinking habits and the impact our thinking has on how we feel. Underneath our constantly shifting thoughts is a deeper intelligence that is available within each of us.  Practicing mindfulness connects us to this intelligence.

I believe that listening has the power to heal and to nudge people toward their own wisdom.  I would enjoy meeting you, listening to your experiences and helping you to live from your best self.   I believe in the benefits of counseling and have witnessed them as a professional and experienced them as a person.  



 I remind people that wellbeing is their essence and when we look to it, it will be our guide.